NaPoWriMo #21: Snowdrift

I was so full of triumph.
I was running with the wind.
I was flying downhill
In the sunlight.
I was swallowing clouds
Like deep, cool lakes.
I was bathed in it –
That feeling
Like floating –
I was bathed in it
And my head swam.

A cloud rolled in.
A cloud rolled in
And covered the sun
And I was frozen solid
And my skin was ice
And I was buried,
Deep in a snowdrift.

I was trapped
For days that felt like years,
For weeks that felt like decades,
For a month that felt like a lifetime,
But the sun still shone;
The sun can melt anything, given time
The sun can melt snowdrifts,
The sun can melt frozen hearts.

I emerged,
And alive.

And I laughed until the sun set.

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One Response to NaPoWriMo #21: Snowdrift

  1. I think your use of repetition works really well in this one! Such an interesting, dream-like narrative. I know I have a tendency to bang on about last lines, but I really love the simplicity of “And I laughed until the sun set”. And I laughed until the sun set! Very striking. The only thing I would say is, I think the line “And my skin was ice” is perhaps unnecessary, because I think the lines about being frozen solid and being buried in a snowdrift express it already, in a more immediate way.

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